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Accredited Master Instructors

Out of 97,000 Flight Instructors less than 800 have ever been named:

We have three of them!

Train with the Best, 
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Our team is focused on providing you with an exceptional training experience, tailored to you, in your airplane, on your schedule.  Our goal is to build long term relationships by exceeding expectations, delivering quality and providing value.  This applies to every aspect of our business.  We offer top quality, FAA FITS accepted and insurance underwriter approved initial aircraft training and annual or progressive recurrent training programs.  Each Wright Aviation instructor is an accredited Master Flight instructor with no less than 7000 hours and Senior Instructors with more than 2500 hours of flying experience. All of our Instructors are professionals who love flying. They also excel at sharing their knowledge and teaching you on the basis of real time experience.  Our training programs are real hands on, full immersion events that will build on your talents, and provide you with the knowledge and airmanship skills to safely, and confidently enjoy your aircraft.  We are located in the western US with instructors in Arizona, California and Colorado, and our instructors will work with you in your hometown, as well. 

Pilatus PC-12-45/47 - Initial & Recurrent Training
Socata TBM 700/850 - Initial & Recurrent Training
Piper P46T Meridian - Initial & Recurrent Training
Piper P46P Mirage(Matrix) - Initial & Recurrent Training
Beech King Air 90/200/250
Twin Cessna Turboprops - 425 Conquest I & 441 Conquest II
Twin Cessna Pistons - 310/340/401/402/414/421

Serving the Western United States

with instructors available at:
Arizona:   Phoenix (DVT), Glendale (GEU) and Prescott Airport (PRC)
California:  Camarillo Airport (CMA) Santa Barbara (SBA)
Colorado:  Steamboat Springs Airport (SBS/HDN)
(or wherever you need us to meet you)
Put our decades of aviation expertise, and thousands of hours of flying to work for you.  Wright Aviation has experienced instructors for a wide range of sophisticated personal aircraft.  Whether you own or are buying a Piper Meridian/Mirage/Matrix or Malibu, a TBM 700/850, a King Air 90/200/250, one of the many variants of the Twin Cessna or a Beech Barron and P-Barron/Beech Bonanza, Wright Aviation has a FAA FITS accepted training program and experienced, professional flight instructors ready to work with you in your new aircraft. We can provide you with individualized, tailored instruction, whether it is initial aircraft training, annual recurrent training, instrument refresher or simply occasional backup and support.  Got a question, need some help?  Just give us a call! 

About Wright Aviation

Wright Aviation was created by Rick Wright in 2009 to provide training development, aviation consulting and one-on-one instructional services for owners of cabin class aircraft.  The goal was (and remains) to put together a team of highly experienced and exceptionally qualified individual instructors dedicated to delivering learning experiences above and beyond to norm.  

Rick is a retired airline executive with 33 years airline management experience. As a General Manager, he directed airport operations at various US locations and opened up new operations in Europe, South American and China. He then went on to manage the airline's worldwide operation at the System Operations Control center for 5 some years before moving into a business development role at the airline's parent company. His final assignment, before retiring in early 2002, was setting up and managing the operational side of a new fractional jet business owned by the parent company.  

Shortly after retiring and moving to Florida, Rick became a flight instructor and began to create an aircraft rental/flight training business in Fort Lauderdale, FL built around the Cirrus SR20/SR22 aircraft (Correct Aviation Services and Correct Aviation Maintenance).  He earned a Master Flight Instructor accreditation as he built the rental and training business into the largest Cirrus Training Center before selling it in early 2009 and moving to Arizona.

Wright Aviation Services was then created to focus on providing top quality pilot training and support services for individuals acquiring and owning high performance cabin class aircraft in Arizona and throughout the western United States.

"Rick, Not only did I learn a thing or two, you got me out of my comfort zone.  I have never blown the cabin and made a 4000 +ft/ min descent while wearing the O2 mask.  I’ve always been scared to even touch the MOR lever, much less land the aircraft using it solely.  I feel confident that in an emergency, I would be proficient in both now.     

Although, I’ve done these activities in the Sim, nothing can compare with actually doing it.  Having you in my plane, did a lot more than flying an expensive video game." 

David O - Oklahoma City, OK

“…Michael is great.  Having spent time with both Joe and Michael you should be proud of the Teachers, Coaches, Mentors that you have.
I continue to learn each trip a new technique or trick to become a better pilot.”
Jeff S - Santa Barbara, CA

"It was a pleasure training with (Joe)!  I appreciate your thorough knowledge of the TBM.  Not only was the training program professional but also customizable to fit my busy schedule.  I felt as though no time was wasted.  As a sixteen year Major Airline Pilot I have been through many training events.  I can honestly say my Initial training event with you on the TBM was outstanding!!"
- Kerry S., Knoxville, OH


"Not only I felt safe and confident learning to fly with you, but your patience and clear commands made the experience very enjoyable and I always looked forward for our next lesson...."
- Peter C, Grand Cayman

"Rick is an excellent aviation and flight training professional with a warm and likeable personality. My son and I worked with him to pass written, oral and practical tests through ATPL level. Rick combines extensive and in-depth knowledge of all relevant materials with excellent teaching skills. Upon completion we felt truly enriched by our achievements and made a friend in the process." 

- Han K, The Netherlands

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Inital and Recurrent training, in your airplane, tailored to you, your experience, your schedule.  Top Quality training that works!

FAA/Industry's "Gold" standard. Initial and recurrent training, scenario based, tailored to fit your needs while covering the all of the information, processes and procedures.  FITS means it fits you, It also means the plans have been reviewed and accepted by the FAA.

They have the know how and expertise to help you get the most from your advanced equipment.

Accredited Master Instructors - exceptionally qualified, extremely dedicated.  CLICK HERE

Wright Aviation’s accredited master flight instructors provide initial and recurrent training for owners and pilots of TBM700, TBM850, Piper Meridian, Mirage & Matrix, Pilatus PC-12, along with the full range of Twin Cessna (300 & 400 Series) and the King Air 90/200 Series. Our insurance approved, FAA accepted FITS syllabi offer tailored, flexible training in your airplane, at your pace, on your schedule, at your location!   © Copyright  All Rights Reserved.   Prominent Web Design