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Garmin G500/600 EFIS Training

Garmin G500/600 EFIS Training

Garmin G500/600 EFIS TrainingThis course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of Garmin G500 or G600 Primary Flight Display (PFD) system, how it functions, what it looks like, how to read it, where the raw data comes from, how it interfaces with other aircraft systems and so forth.  When you complete this training you will have a working knowledge of the Garmin G500/600 PFD system.  There are two basic tracks – one covering the initial offering and a separate one covering the newest product that incorporates Garmin’s Synthetic Vision System (SVS).
When you’ve completed the course, you will have a fundamental working knowledge of the G500/600 PFD, how it displays flight critical information, where that information comes from, all of the normal operating procedures, how to set-up the system, how to utilize the various functions such as altitude and vertical speed pre-selects, barometric pressure, heading selections as well as how to turn on/off various navigation sources and alter the appearance of your EHSI.  Additionally, you will learn about the integration of other aircraft systems such as engine monitoring and the electrical system, environmental displays along with other data derived from the navigation and flight management system.

Normal procedures then lead to Abnormal procedures and finally on to Emergency procedures.  What do things look like when all is normal; what happens when things begin to go wrong; how you will know about failures; how the system knows; and what you need to do about it. 

The knowledge portion of this training is conducted in four (4) hour, one-on-one sessions in a classroom setting, utilizing computer aided training systems, presentations and interactive dialogue to build the foundation knowledge.  Prior to beginning a session, we’ll talk about the specifics of your airplane so that your training is focused very specifically to the version and applications in your airplane.  

The course includes an electronic version of the Garmin G500/600 Pilot Information Guide appropriate to your aircraft or a generic aircraft guide for the version of your system.  It will also include a copy of the Power Point presentation covering the training session.

Follow-up training in your airplane is also available.  These aircraft sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to apply these things in the airplane and start with an in-airplane, hands on ground session followed by a series of flights focusing on controlling the airplane by reference to the EFIS display along with transitioning from EFIS back to the standby instrument cluster. 

This training is focused on transitioning from the traditional instrument cluster (6 pack) to the G500/600 PFD.  It touches on integration with the balance of the digital equipment, but does not go into detail on the other systems involved in the fully integrated G500/600 package. 

Garmin G500600 lf-lg.jpgA full Electronic Cockpit Management program is available and will cover the MFD, Autopilot, Navigation (radio & GPS) systems along with other things like datalink weather system, electronic ground/terrain warning systems, traffic advisory system, electronic charts, navigational data bases and so on.  This course is tailored to address the specifics of your airplane and incorporate both classroom and practical hands on training through a series of scenario based flight lessons.  This is a common sense approach aimed at building on your existing knowledge and experience to give you a solid foundation enabling you to take full advantage of these advanced systems. 

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